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Our customer success team is dedicated to providing training and tools to help you and your team fully optimize use of and engage patients with your education and engagement platforms.

Staff reference materials & tools

To fully leverage these patient education platforms and tools available to you through your subscription, we offer training and materials.


We provide ongoing staff training to ensure all members of your team understand the resources you have available and how to fully optimize utilization of these patient education and engagement tools to drive improved outcomes. Contact Support to schedule a training call. 

Online video and resources libraries

Browse your facility’s entire video and resource library and encourage your patients to access when and where they need it most. Simply click here and enter your facility’s 5-digit passcode. Contact Support if you need help with your passcode.

Content library tools

Understanding the full depth of the library of content available to you is key to fully optimizing use of it. Generate your facility content catalog, program descriptions or patient-facing checklists using our content library tools.

Staff & patient awareness promotional materials

Our promotional materials feature the use of QR codes so your patients and staff can quickly access and optimize the use of your patient education and engagement resources. When used with both staff and patients, these promotional tools help drive increased awareness and utilization of these valuable resources. Order online from our promotional materials ordering site.

Program guides

Use this link to download and print the latest television program guides. WebMD TV Heart Health Channel, WebMD TV Newborn Channel, and WebMD TV Patient Channel program guides are shipped quarterly.

Marketing tools

Use our marketing tools to help promote your patient education and engagement resources with your community. View a sample press release and examples on how other facilities are sharing the patient education and resources on their websites.

Compliance support materials

Our Joint Commission Reports summarize the results of an independent review of each of our programs against current Joint Commission requirements for patient education and training, citing relevant accreditation standards and elements of performance. We provide this information to help hospitals enhance their ongoing quality initiatives regarding patient and family education. Be sure to share this with your Quality and/or Risk Manager.

Digital signage

Depending on your subscription and equipment platform, you may have the ability to customize digital messages on The Wellness Network channel. Click the link to customize your digital media player.

Hospital & facility contacts

It is important for us to have the updated contact information for all staff members with whom we should share content updates, send invoices, provide marketing tips and mail materials, and to ensure all updates and requests for feedback are directed to the right person in your organization. Please complete our support form with the names and contact information for each primary contact in the list.


Leverage this customizable waiting room, common area and patient room engagement solution. Learn more about customization tools and to complete your configuration form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your subscription? Click to view a list of the most frequently asked questions